Teamwork, Leadership and Negotiation

The objective of the program is to learn to value elements that favor the cohesion of the members of a team, putting all the knowledge linked to the theory of the course into practice.

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Working as a team is a challenge. The socioeconomic reality of our society has promoted a new way of managing the business world in which group work is essential. Working as a team does not only imply bringing together a series of individuals with a certain profile, but it also means taking into account an amalgam of aspects that give complexity to the matter. The type of task will be as important as the personal competencies of each member and the type of interpersonal relationships that are established between them.


    1. Introduction. Team and Leadership. Executive Summary.
    2. What is a team?
      1. Definition.
      2. What is a team.
      3. Team work advantages.
      4. Dimensions of a team.
    3. Building a team.
      1. Previous steps.
      2. Basic conditions for teamwork.
      3. How to facilitate team cohesion.
      4. The team as a dynamic entity.
      5. Factors that hinder teamwork.
    4. Lead and coordinate teams.
      1. Leadership styles.
      2. Competences that must be present in a leader.
    5. Roles and functions in the team.
      1. Analysis of the roles in a team.
      2. Role conflicts.
      3. Perception and social attribution.
    6. Motivation.
      1. Satisfaction and motivation.
      2. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors of motivation.
      3. Identification of needs.
      4. Motivational skills.
      5. How to increase motivation.
      6. Self-motivation.

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