Project Management in the XXI Century

The objective of the program is to know the concepts and basic terminology of the PMI and the PMBOK, as well as to deepen the role of the Project manager and his role in the implementation of agile methodologies in the management of a project.

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The current era in which we find ourselves, characterized by constant changes that force companies to be flexible and constantly transform, have caused project management, and with it, the role of the project manager, to be decisive in corporations. The PMI organization is presented as the institution of maximum reference in project management, and therefore, it is necessary to know its premises, concepts and basic contents, as well as to deepen the PMBOK, its reference manual. In this training, the student will have the key and essential contents to understand how the PMI works, what key terminology the PMBOK highlights in relation to project management, as well as the role that the Project manager plays in the management of agile projects.


    1. Introduction.
    2. The PMI organization.
    3. The PMBOK guide.
    4. Common terminology in Project Management.
      1. Project Management.
      2. Project, Program and Portfolio.
      3. OPM3 Maturity Model.
      4. Competing Constraints.
      5. Assumptions.
      6. Progressive elaboration.
      7. Project or Program Management Office (PMO).
      8. Information system for project management.
      9. Organizational Process Assets (APO).
      10. Company Environmental Factors (FAE).
      11. Life cycle of a product.
      12. Phases of a project.
      13. The organization and culture of the executing organization.
      14. The structure of the executing organization.
    5. Project Management 2.0.
    6. PMI Terminology.

ANEXO I: El Project Manager Ágil.

100 hours

3 videos

7 review activities

5 interactive presentations

4 minigames

1 audiobook

1 ebook

1 test

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