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Introduction to Agile Project Management.

The objective of the programme is to understand the essential concepts related to the use of agile methodologies and to achieve the necessary resources for the implementation of the different existing methodologies.

350€ 200€

Description of the programme:

Continuous change is one of the challenges facing corporations today. This results in the need to adapt to different environments. This requires companies to have an open mind characterized by creativity and the courage to face innovation. In this training, the student will find the necessary knowledge to deepen the creative process in an organization, as well as acquire the key tools of the process of the business innovation.

40 hours

6 videos

3 review activities

6 interactive presentations

2 minigames

1 audiobook

1 ebook

1 test

Taught in Spanish or English

Lifetime access

Programme Contents:

    • Project management methodologies and tools.
      1. Introduction to Project Management.
    • Different methodologies for agile project management (comparative)
    • Agile thinking.
      1. Introduction to the philosophy and idiosyncrasies of agile thinking.
    • Agile design. Creativity and innovation applied to agility.

Flex Learning Methodology:

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