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Innovation in Business Entrepreneurship.

The aim of the programme is to acquire knowledge and tools essential for business innovation in the entrepreneurial process of an organisation.

150€ 100€

Description of the programme:

Today, the great diversity of products and services, as well as of the companies that offer them, makes the process of innovation and entrepreneurship a complicated task, although it remains a vital need. With this course, the student will find the necessary knowledge to generate the innovation process in the company and, at the same time, know the keys.

20 hours

5 videos

5 review activities

6 interactive presentations

3 minigames

1 audiobook

1 ebook

1 test

Taught in Spanish or English

Lifetime access

Programme Contents:

    • The business models.
    • The project of undertaking.
    • Design and preparation of a business plan.
      1. Structure of a business plan.
      2. Example executive summary of a business plan.
    • The financing of an entrepreneurial project.
      1. Financing of private investments (Business Plan).

Flex Learning Methodology:

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