Human Capital Strategy in an Environment of Transformation

The objective of the program is to acquire the concepts and functions of Human Capital as well as the trends and challenges faced in today’s and future society.

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Currently, the importance of people as the backbone of companies and organizations means that Human Capital management has acquired greater relevance. Throughout this training, the student will find the necessary knowledge to deepen the most relevant concepts and functions of Human Capital, in addition to its development from a historical perspective to a transformational one. He will also discover what are the challenges facing Human Capital management in an environment of transformation and the relevance of the role of people management in organizations.


    1. Executive Summary.
    2. Human Capital Concept.
      1. Definition of Human Capital.
      2. Some previous concepts.
      3. Reason for the Human Capital function. Employee’s professional life cycle.
    3. Development of the Human Capital function.
      1. Brief historical development of the Human Capital function.
      2. VUCA environment, transformation 4.0. and how it is impacting our companies.
      3. Phases in the development of the Human Capital function.
      4. The process of transformation of Human Capital.
      5. Redesign of the Human Capital function.
    4. Challenges of the Human Capital function.
      1. Basic challenges of the Human Capital function.
      2. Human Capital in a changing world.
      3. Challenges of Human Capital in times of crisis.
    5. The professional profile of Human Capital.
      1. The Human Capital professional as a business partner.
    6. Strategic planning.
      1. Human Capital management model.
    7. Human Capital Management.
      1. What is agile management?
      2. How has Human Capital evolved and how does it work?
    8. Glossary of terms.

100 hours

5 videos

4 review activities

8 interactive presentations

3 minigames

1 audiobook

1 ebook

1 test

Taught in Spanish

Lifetime access