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The power of language and action: the bases for coaching.

The objective of the programme is to develop knowledge and personal skills that serve as a basis for the application of the coaching methodology in an organisation.

150€ 100€

Description of the programme:

Coaching has positioned itself as one of the most important methodologies for developing people in our time. The training of this course is based on the business training of the bases for the understanding of the importance of the human side of the organizations and the development of successful teams, fundamental previous premises in the application of coaching.

20 hours

2 videos

3 review activities

4 interactive presentations

2 minigames

1 audiobook

1 ebook

1 test

Taught in Spanish or English

Lifetime access

Programme Contents:

    • The power of language
      1. The linguistic acts that create reality.
      2. Statements, judgements and declarations.
      3. Conversation design.
      4. The generative power of language.
    • Coordination of actions
      1. Commitment versus requests.
      2. Fears and difficulties in asking, offering or claming.
      3. Generation of trust.

Flex Learning Methodology:

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