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Agile Project Management with Kanban.

The aim of the programme is to deepen the practical application of the Kanban methodology, becoming aware of the principles and foundations of which it is composed.

300€ 200€

Description of the programme:

Agile methodologies have positioned themselves as one of the most important approaches in project management today. The training of this course is based on the specialization of the student in the Kanban methodology, one of the most used in organizations, covering its use in many sectors. This training allows the acquisition of knowledge related to the principles, concepts and implementation of this methodology in the development of a project in an organisation.

40 hours

3 videos

3 review activities

3 interactive presentations

3 minigames

1 audiobook

1 ebook

1 test

Taught in Spanish or English

Lifetime access

Programme Contents:

    • Agile project management with Kanban.
      1. Kanhan I. WIP, pull and flows processes.
      2. Kanban II. Equipment and projects. Evolutionary change management.
      3. Kanban III. Mastering Kanban.

Flex Learning Methodology:

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